Smoked Fish and Potato Salad

Smoked whitefish is usually served as one of several types of smoked fish with assorted cheeses and vegetables. This salad is an unusual variation, combining some of the common vegetable garnishes, the whitefish, and a tangy dressing. As part of a brunch or luncheon buffet, this salad can be accompanied by bagels, rye bread, onion rolls, smoked salmon, assorted hot and cold vegetables, and a hot or cold pasta dish. As part of a simple supper, this salad simply needs to be served on a bed of lettuce with good bread, and some fresh seasonal fruit.


Combine the fish and vegetables in a large bowl. Mix the parsley, mayonnaise, mustard, lime or lemon juice, vinegar and seasonings. Blend thoroughly, and add the dressing to the fish and potato mixture. Toss lightly.

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Serve chilled with lettuce and tomatoes. Serves 4-6.