Special Ingredients

An Introduction to Ruth's Kitchen from my oldest daughter, Leah Reingold Gordon (written in 1995 after she had graduated from MIT and was married, living in California).

On a typically frantic Thursday evening at MIT, I would take a break from my problem set to plan the Shabbat cooking. Invariably I would realize that the recipe I wanted could be found or remembered only by Ima.

I would call the house hoping she hadn't gone to sleep yet, or write her a frantic email asking for the recipe. Every time, Ima happily emailed me the recipe, including important additions for the case,

if very hungry....
And every recipe was signed:
Shabbat Shalom. Love, Ima.

I printed out all of those recipes--I took them with me to buy vegetables and meat, spices and cookware. I always worried that if I didn't bring the recipe, then I would need to run out again to buy some forgotten special ingredient. Those dog-earred pages led to wonderful Shabbat meals for my friends and me, at MIT and beyond.

Thanks to the accurate and delicious recipes, I never forgot key ingredients or made serious errors. The special ingredients, of course, were the Shabbat Shalom and Love from my Ima. We send those on to you.

Love, Leah