Pineapple Cider Soup

In July, 1989, we read about a pineapple-champagne soup in the N. Y. Times . Since we bring back dry Canadian apple cider each time we drive to visit our daughters in New York or Boston, I adapted the recipe for dry Canadian apple cider instead of Champagne. It's a great refreshing and light first course before spicy or heavy foods. Don't add the cider until just before serving.


Yield: 12 servings

Peel and core pineapples. Put cores, 1.5 cups water in microwave dish and heat for 10 minutes. Combine sugar and remaining water, boil for 5 minutes until it is a thin syrup. Cook chunks of pineapple with two liquids (discard cores) and cinnamon for 30 minutes in microwave dish. Purée (include in the batch the optional mint leaves). Add the optional Cognac. Chill overnight; add cider. Decorate with optional mint leaves.

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