Khoresht Zardaloo (Veal and Apricot Stew)

Khoresht is a Persian stew. This recipe is a modification of one from Copeland Marks, Sephardic Cooking, Donald I. Fine, 1992. The stew is unbelievably easy to prepare, but you absolutely must use the dried limes and either fresh quince or Asian pear to get the marvelous pungent and sour flavor, paired with the sweet and spicy sauce. Serve the stew with plain rice or rice and wild rice casserole. Don't hide the flavors of the stew with a strongly flavored side dish.

Dried limes are about the size of a small walnut. They look positively horrible - black and cracked, like dried seed pods you find in the fall. The flavor, however is truly exceptional when you crack these limes and put them into a stew. You can purchase dried limes in middle-eastern food stores.


Wrap the dried limes in a dish towel. Place this package on a cutting board and use a heavy knife or meat pounder to break the limes in the towel. It's sufficient to break each lime into 2 or 3 pieces. Use all the pieces for the stew. Put the limes and all the other ingredients into a large pan. Bring to a boil, and simmer for about 1.5 hours at very low heat. Serve warm with white rice. Don't try this without the dried limes--they are well worth the search.
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